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Tenant Screenings

Tenant Screening has become increasingly more important in today’s society. There was a time when you could trust a tenant to respect property, pay rent on time and treat neighbors with courtesy. Property owners are now held responsible for the protection of their tenants and must remain ever vigilant to property conditions. Landlords are increasingly more liable and vulnerable for poor tenant selection than ever before.

It falls on the property owner’s shoulders to perform the appropriate due diligence to protect their investment, be it a multi-family complex or a single family home. A single high-risk tenant can cause major damage and substantial loss in income dollars. Tenant screening has therefore become the intelligent approach to maintaining a safe, comfortable and pleasant place for people to rent. Comprehensive tenant screening will ultimately result in a more profitable and successful operation. So, before you hand over the keys, KNOW your tenant. Your reputation and income depend on it.

American Dream Title & Background Checks Services, LLC offers tenant qualification services for all facets of the rental industry. Our screening solutions apply to companies of all sizes; from large property management companies to independent landlords.

Depending on your needs, we offer products ranging from instant criminal database searches to on-site record retrieval directly from the courthouse. We also offer verification services to determine if your applicant has a positive rental history or the necessary income to qualify as a tenant. Consumer credit reports are a primary search when screening new tenants. For those independent landlords, who may not qualify for full credit report access, we have a solution for you as well.

Our tenant screening solutions aid independent owners and property management firms alike to minimize their liability and avoid taking unnecessary risks when accepting a new tenant.

American Dream Title & Background Checks Services, LLC is committed to providing our clients with the best information with which to make informed and safe decisions. In addition, we are fully FCRA compliant and strive to partner with our clients in maintaining compliance with the FCRA, Fair Housing laws and any applicable state laws.

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